TW Industrial Group Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and contractors. We believe that our employees have the right to work in conditions where risks are minimized, and their wellbeing is the priority. Safety is fundamental within our company and shall not be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.

We consider incidents and injuries to be preventable, and every effort shall be made to:

  • Identify existing and potential hazards,
  • Communicate hazards to employees, contractors, visitors, etc.,
  • Eliminate, control, and reduce the risk of those hazards.

As outlined in the TW Industrial Group safety manual, health and safety is the shared responsibility of management personnel, supervisors, employees, and contractors. Health and safety shall be an integral component of all work activities. Together we can create a positive safety culture and ensure a safe workplace.

All employees are expected to fulfill their safety responsibilities and to follow our company safety manual.

All employees are encouraged to know their legislated rights: 

  • Right to Refuse – work that is unsafe,
  • Right to Know – about hazards they may encounter in the course of doing work,
  • Right to Participate – in their own safety and health.

All our management, health and safety representatives, and employees will abide by our company safety manual as well as the Workers Compensation Act and its Regulations.