Oil & Gas

TW Industrial Group Ltd has worked across the oil & gas industry from production facilities to transportation and storage projects. TW Industrial Group’s blend of capabilities that include structural steel welding, pressure piping, mechanical fabrication, and surface blasting and coating combine to meet the unique needs of energy producers. Our QA/QC processes ensure that the rigorous safety standards are met for the protection of crews and the environment. 

Past projects that TW Industrial Group has completed include the detailing and fabricating of heavy-duty steel platforms that were used to mount large equipment on the oil sands. We’ve also worked on the first-ever propane export facility in Canada, manufacturing pipe modules and bridges for the storage and transportation of propane from rail cars to the ship or Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC). Pipe sizes ranged from 6” up to 24” and the modules were up to 110 feet long. 

Our NACE certified painting and blasting team is also experienced in recoating large oil tanks at refineries across Northern BC.