Renewable Energy

TW Industrial Group’s involvement in Renewable Energy has dramatically grown since 2012. From regular maintenance shutdowns we grew to be trusted with larger projects. The first of our larger projects was the Westview Pellet Terminal in Prince Rupert. TW Industrial Group’s scope of work was to construct the 220’ tower with bucket elevators and horizontal conveyors, 150’ above ground and spanning 200’ long in each direction. The scope also included installing underground belt conveyors and all necessary mechanical and piping components.  

In 2015, TW Industrial Group was the successful bidder on the Lavington project for building an entire new pellet plant. This project included fabrication of all structural components as well as the installation of all structural and mechanical systems. Soon after this project was completed, TW Industrial Group was awarded another entire pellet plant in Entwistle, Alberta which was planned to be the largest pellet plant in Canada. This complex project included a dryer system that was the first of its kind, then assembled on site. The dryer system weighed 550,000lbs.

TW Industrial Group has also completed multiple projects on hydroelectric facilities, including structural steelwork, heavy equipment repairs, and pipework.