Pulp & Paper

Pulp & paper mills are incredibly complex facilities, and the regular maintenance work and shutdown events are necessary to keep them operating smoothly. Unscheduled breakdowns put immense pressure on businesses already challenged by rising costs.

TW Industrial Group Ltd has been chosen for multiple mill upgrades contracts and projects across the region. With many diverse skillsets and processes involved, detailed planning and preparation are of utmost importance. We take deadlines very seriously and work hard to ensure the job is completed to the standard and schedule required.   

Examples of major projects undertaken by TW Industrial Group include a 3-cell crossflow cooling tower, a 27,000 square foot water treatment plant upgrade, and multiple-level floor replacements in liquor tanks.

We work with clients regularly on their annual shutdowns. These shutdowns require a variety of tasks which include pump/motor alignment, repair and refurbishment of older units, installation of new structural components, and crane rail alignment. Our team of certified millwrights, welders, and pipefitters work seamlessly to a detailed plan to ensure every project is successful and client satisfaction is guaranteed.